DIY White Wax is Beautiful.

DIY White Wax is Beautiful.

Have you ever wondered what White Wax does?  I was not a fan of white wax, I was dark wax all day long until I tried the DIY White Wax.  

I painted this recipe box in Mermaid Tail which is a bright aqua blue, it's beautiful all by itself BUT...... I put on some IOD clay molds and the details were just not speaking to me.  

I added white wax to soften the color and give it that farmhouse look with a pop of color.  

I can hear you all now saying "Oh I like that"  what's not to like?  Oh wait there is more views of this beautiful box.
If your recipes are electronic or searchable on Pinterest, well then use this box for flowers.  
The recipe box sold on my home decor site for $14.  And remember there is an option for local pick up.
If you'd like to try DIY Paint, IOD Molds, or DIY White Wax I can help you with that at 
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