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Showing Up for YOU In Painted Shoes

Have you ever subscribed to a blog and you know it’s a blog that speaks your language every time they post?  The email pops up on your smartphone and you can’t wait to open it and read all the beautiful words and look at the amazing photograph?  I have that syndrome with a few bloggers, it just dawned on me the other day…. If I like to read those stories getting a peek inside someone’s life or creative mind then why wouldn’t others want to read mine.  Sitting on the edge of their chair waiting for the next story to come in… you know why?  Because you must be consistent and show up every week like you promised in the beginning.  I keep shoving that thought of blogging down thinking “I don’t have time”. 



Do you have a neighbor or someone you see every day doing the same thing and you don’t even know their name, but you know who they are because they are always there at the same time.  In my case there is this girl that runs every day on the same route when I drive by on my lunch hour.  It doesn’t matter the weather, in Wisconsin we gets COLD and miserable but “this girl” is out running at the same time every day.  I’ve talked about her, I’ve looked for her, I’ve cheered her on but yet.... I still don’t know her name.  Consistency folks that’s what it does to our brains…. We look forward to it and count on them to be there.  What do you say, should I try this consistency thing with a blog?  Do you want to know what's inside my head let's say once a week?  


Years ago I had a blog where I would take 1 photo a day and post it, sometimes with a story and sometimes just the photo.  I did that every day for almost 3 years, and I loved it and so did many others, just to get that peek into my life to know I was there, to know my name and to cheer me on.  People are there for you even when you don’t know them.  Let's see what's on my mind this week.


Painted shoes - Wilson got a new pair of workboots, let's talk about shopping with a man for workboots.... it's not fun.  They want the pair that they had before which they don't make anymore or they want them to be higher on the ankle or lower or the toe's not quite right.  Sitting in the shoe isle the other night was like getting a root canal, when will the pain end.  Anyway he threw his old boots away or so he thought.... I scooped them out of the garbage and was ready to paint them for garden boots.  

 I have 2 sets already in my garden but there is always room for more whimsy.  This pair I’ve had for at least 10 years and they look better every year.  Something about natural moss makes things look better. 


I had a pair of my own boots that the sole's leaked so I thought I might as well paint mine also for some fun summer decor.  I did a Live on my Facebook Page showing how I painted them using DIY Paint.  Debi Beard (the owner of DIY Paint) even showed up to watch for a bit.  AND commented which made it even more exciting for me. I painted the clay pot to match the boots which added a nice look. 


The boots turned out so cute I could hardly not wear them for a few times even if I get wet socks walking in the rain.  Now to put the laces back in (I painted them with watered down DIY Paint also)  Just mix and stir the laces right into the paint.

The boots were a hit and I believe I will put together a YouTube Tutorial on how I painted them in case you all want to paint your husband's boots.... his old ones!!  Don't take any that aren't discarded or you'll find yourself in the shoe department wishing you were at the dentist.  


 This pair I painted 3 years ago using DIY Paint and they stay outside all summer and winter long.  Looks like they need a new sedum planted in the though.  I’ll get to that this weekend.  

painted shoes

 DIY Paint is clay based which means it will get rock hard in the sunshine and will not need a topcoat, but if you want to add one you can.  The colors will get brighter if you do but the Big Top is not rated for outdoor use so it will flake or wear off.  I say they look better with flaking and age, don't you? 

painted boots

If you want to wear the boots I recommend using a wax to seal them so they stay soft very the crunchiness of the topcoat.  

Let me know if you paint a pair of boots now or if you had a pair of boots in your garden already.  I use so much junk in my gardens that others have discarded... that might be my next blog!!  This is an old chair frame with no seat or back but the frame is metal and not going anywhere.  The tote was tossed due to the bottom being rotten and falling apart.... turn it on it's side and you now have a seat for the chair and no reason for a back.  

old chair in garden

See you all next week when I decide on a blogging day.... any suggestions?  Send your friends if you've learned something or just enjoyed looking at the photos. 

All DIY products available on my website.

Until next time..... Happy Painting.

Connie - The Painted Photographer 


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I too have an old worn out pair of boots in my garden filled with succulents that I purchased in Wisconsin from an Amish lady. I treasure them. Knowing the amount of hard work the man that owned them went through to get these boots to their current state is a thought in and of itself. I love your painted boots

Corrine Skidmore

My friend and owner of Picken Boots Vintage of South West Florida, painted their boots, which happen to be cowboy boots, they are very cute. So yes I like your idea of painting odd things and placing them in your garden.

Julie Racicot

Just get the boots re-soled?

Rob Gloria

Love this so much! Love your blog ☺️☺️

K. Roxanne Ponds

I love your “need” to blog! I have been following you and your art is so much fun!! I too am an artist and can feel the need to share my special moments with y’all! I have been thinking of creating a blog and you’ve given me the nudge to do it! Thanks so much Connie!! I really need to have someone give me a hand with the techno portion tho….oh, and I painted a pair of boring green slip on shoes years ago that I still wear occasionally….. can I post pictures here as well? TTYS

Cecelia Caston (CeCe)

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