Thrifted Plant Stool Makeover

Thrifted Plant Stool Makeover

I have a fun project to share with you today.  I thrifted a small stool for $1.97, it had good bones and I really didn't mind the barn red color of the legs.  The paint was very solid, had a good sheen and just needed a bit of work.  

The bear on the top had to go.  The legs I sanded to exposed the bare wood and take down that sheen a bit.  I was looking for a worn look.

The 1st step to this upcycle was to cover the bear with DIY White Swan paint.  When working with decoupage paper it's best to cover the surface with a white paint because the paper will show what is under it.  


I also painted the sides of the top surface.  The gave the top of the stool 2 coats so I had good coverage of removing the bear.  I let that dry.

Next I used the Crackle Stamp from IOD, along with the IOD Black Ink and Ink Pad.   The Crackle Stamp has been discontinued but you can get a much better deal with the Vintage Texture Stamp that has 4 different distress patterns in 1 stamp.  

I stamped the crackle pattern onto the top of the stool in a random pattern turning the stamp in different directions making sure it was a pretty solid crackle look.  I had never done this before and I didn't think it would show through the paper as well as it did.  When the paper is dry it's not as see through as when you apply it to your project.  Here is what the top looked like when I was finished.

I pushed down on the stamp and even placed it on twice towards the outside of the surface, leaving the center a bit lighter. 

Now the star of the show is the Roycycled Decoupage Paper.  I used Vintage Wallpaper since it matched the legs of this stool very well.... and it's also a favorite paper of mine.  You can use any of the Decoupage Papers for a similar project, they all are amazing.  Check out the Roycycled Designs on my website using the link provided.  

I cut the paper to the size of the stool making sure I had the design I wanted on top and in the center.  Save all your scrap, they make perfect additions to your mixed media projects.  

I wet the paper with a misting bottle to get the fibers in the paper to stretch and will result in less wrinkles.  I start by laying the paper on the surface exactly where I want it.  Fold over the top part of the paper and add a strip of DIY Liquid Patina.

After you anchor your paper you can then fold the other side up and add the Liquid Patina to adhere the paper to the surface.  Make sure you get your Liquid Patina on the entire surface, if you miss an area the paper will not lay flat and you'll end up with a bubble in the paper that will not flatten out.  Speaking of bubbles you will see them when the paper is wet, don't worry when the paper dries completely the bubbles will suck back down.  

After the paper is completely dry (this step is important, the paper will tear if it's not completely dry, don't rush it).  You will take sandpaper and in a downward motion sand off the edges of the paper to get a nice clean cut.  This is where the project starts to shows it's beauty.  

I then cover the paper with a coat of Liquid Patina to seal the paper.  You may see bubbles again when doing this step, don't worry they will suck back down again. 

Let's get a closer view of the crackle through the paper.  This was my first time doing this technique and I don't think it will be the last.  I loved this look, tell me what you think of it.

The edges of the stool were pretty stark white so I mixed up some DIY Paints to get a good match of the paper.  I used a clear mylar sheet laying it over the paper so I could get the best match in the easiest way.  I used DIY Cake Batter, Faded Burlap and White Swan to lighten it for the perfect match.  Its hard to see in the photo but in real life it was a huge difference with very little effort.  

After everything dried completely I gave the top another coat of Liquid Patina to make sure everything was sealed in really well.  (Yep you guessed it, more bubbles but they went back down again).  

Now to give the barn red legs a makeover.  If you would like to mimic this color with a DIY Product the new DIY Cottage Color in Barn Quilt is a really good match.  Since they had a good sheen to them and I knocked it down with a sander to expose the raw wood I went right in with DIY's Dark Wax.  I don't recommend this unless you have a sealer built into your paint.  The dark wax will absorb into the paint/wood quickly so a sealer to help slow that process down is best.  This project I had the sealed paint on the legs and the Liquid Patina sealer on the top so we're good to head right in with the dark wax.  

After you cover the whole project with the wax you will wipe back the excess and let that dry for 12 or more hours.  Then go back with a soft cloth and buff to a matte shine.  

The dark wax really brings the beauty out in any paint.  I also used the dark wax on the edges of the top and some slight coverage on the outside of the paper to grudge it up 

I added a plant I got from the nursery this year, I loved the look of it as soon as I seen it and it's grown amazing and getting better everyday.  It works beautiful on this stool that I am calling a Plant Stool.  I looked up this plant and found it to be Callisia Repens Gold Turtle Vine.

The plant stool would not hold up in the weather due to the top being paper and eventually the rain would penetrate through the sealer and ruin the paper so this plant stool could be used on a porch or inside your home.

And one more close up view of that amazing crackle under the paper. 

Thank you for stopping by and learning about this fun project.  I hope you can find a treasure that needs the same type of makeover.  If you need any products to add to your crafting shelves head on over to my website at The Painted Photographer and I'll ship them right to your front door. 

Until next time.... Happy Painting!  

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Beautifully done. You’ve inspired me. I picked up a green painted chair, walking home with it in one hand dog in the other. Poor thing has been waiting 2 years for it’s new look. During a rainy weekend I began with a pale yellow chalk paint. Now completely dry I’m ready to complete the look. Thank you for inspiring me.

Kolleen Jenne

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